TRENDING: "Genius" New Product Saving Lives By Making Driving Safer.

Ready To See 100% Better While Driving At Night? Hawk Eye Lenses Are Doing Just That.

(Washington, D.C.) - Are you aware how many accidents are caused by night-time glare and poor nighttime vision? One company is set to change the game.

It's no secret that headlights have gotten more annoying in recent years. Have you ever been driving down the road and gotten a full face of those bright LED or Fog Lights? Sure, they're great for other people. But they make it nearly impossible for anyone driving opposite them or in front of them to see.

Just this year, a new study suggests that nighttime driving have become more dangerous because of glare. In addition to that, new drivers and drivers over the age of 40 are at more risk because either they don't have the experience or have started to experience nighttime vision decline.

That's where the aptly named "Hawk Eye Lenses" comes into play. "We created our company because we saw a technology that wasn't being properly utilized. There are anti-glare, vision improving glasses on the market. But they aren't getting to the people who need them. Most people can't afford $200-$300 for a pair of driving glasses. We wanted this amazing technology to be affordable for everyone."


On average, there are 6 million car accidents in the U.S. every year. That's roughly 16,438 per day.Over 37,000 Americans die in automobile crashes per year.


How Many Car Accidents Per Day? On average, there are 16,438 car crashes per day in the US. How Many Car Accident Deaths Are There Per Year? Nearly 1.25 million people are killed in car crashes each year, globally. On average, that's 3,287 deaths a day (globally). An additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled. Automotive crashes rank as the 9th leading cause of death and account for 2.2% of all deaths globally. (Source:

How many U.S. fatal car accidents occur on highways? The death rate in the U.S. is three times higher than in the UK — 11 deaths per 100,000 population every year. Arizona’s I-10 highway is considered the most dangerous highway in the U.S. with 916 traffic fatalities in 2018 alone. (Source:

Why does this matter? Well, A report by Esurance found that 77% of drivers have been in at least one accident. Your chances of getting into a car accident during a 1,000-mile trip are 1 in 366. So that means, basically everyone is going to get into accident at some point. And irresponsible driving causes up to 33% of these crashes. That means - someone who is blinded by oncoming lights. Someone who is having trouble with night vision - are all counted in that 33% of car crashes.

Fortunately, you can now take a step towards staying away from the 33% - buy using anti-glare lenses. Hawk Eye Lenses are the revolutionary new product that are both good looking, and can help you increase your safe driving capabilites - for everyone from new drivers to seniors!


What Are Hawk Eye Anti-Glare Lenses?

Hawk Eye's are specially tinted glasses that allow you to reduce glare, and increase visibility when driving at night.

  • TAC POLARIZED UV400 LENSES FOR HD CLARITY & SAFETY Enhance your street vision with the most advanced Anti-Glare technology for HD Clarity and Personal Safety. Protect your eyes from harsh environmental elements, such as unexpected reflections, bright headlights, and the sun's harmful UV rays. Our TAC Polarized Lenses are a 7-layer composite system, complying with international UV400 sunglasses standards, designed to cut and diffuse harmful light, for an enhanced, more vivid outdoor experience.
  • SLEEK & STYLISH FIT-OVER + WRAP-AROUND DESIGN YOU CAN WEAR ANYWHERE Timeless and classic Italian design, yet exuding ingenuity and innovation. Complete with a two seperate styles, this fashion statement is both subtle yet sharp, for you to wear with confidence on or off the road.
  • DURABLE FRAME CONSTRUCTION WITH REINFORCED HINGES Don't just buy new sunglasses. Invest in an all-new outdoor companion! Built to last amidst inevitable drops, scratches, and squishes. An old stand-by, our trustworthy sunglasses are made from the strongest polycarbonate materials, together with shatterproof lenses, reinforced hinges, and a protective coating. A strength and durability you can feel.
  • OPTIMAL FORM FACTOR FOR COMFORTABLE WEARABILITY Experience the comfort and reliability of our intelligently designed full-frame Night Visors. Complete with integrated nose pads and our rubberized support system for added security. Weighing in at just 35 grams, due to our super-light and ultra-thin polarized lenses, sporting these will be effortless, easy, and virtually unnoticeable.



What Are The Benefits Of Hawk Eye Lenses?

Benefits of Night Driving Glasses

  • Reduce light glare. The lights from other vehicles and street lamps can be distracting and momentarily blind you. Night driving glasses reduce the glare from the lights, allowing you to see more clearly.
  • Get some peace of mind. By wearing night driving glasses, you will be able to see better during the evening. They make driving less stressful by making other lights less bright, giving you more control of the wheel and better visibility on the road.
  • Reduce stress on your eyes. Driving without night glasses can be stressful on your eyes. Many drivers often have to squint or lean closer to the steering wheel to get a better view. This can lead to watery eyes and having to dry them. Night driving glasses can help prevent straining your eyes by eliminating the amount of light that gets through to them.
  • Fight against headaches and fatigue. The eyes are more sensitive in low-light conditions, at night, and during storms. Driving at night without protective eyewear may lead to photophobia: a symptom or intolerance to light that often leads to headaches, vertigo, or dizziness. Wearing night driving glasses is a way to prevent the condition.

Our Hawk Eye glasses are blue light polarized. This means that you can expect your night driving experience to be enhanced, having up to a 30% reduction in harmful and dangerous glare and flashes. With greater peace of mind, let our Hawk Eyes do the work for you, reducing eye strain in heavy traffic, rain, snow, and other inclement weather conditions. We want you to be free to focus on the road ahead.

Safety comes from the highest level of clarity in your line of sight and the lightest most wearable solution to your night driving needs. Built from the most durable materials and a stylish design you can depend on.


Key Features

Flexible Arms

The arms of glasses wrap around your ears to hold them in place. Making sure they fit comfortably will help ensure you don’t have to constantly adjust them. Ones that are too short may slide off your face, while arms that are too long may not fit firmly on your ears. Standard arms lengths are between 120mm to 150mm and many glasses manufacturers design pairs that are only 135mm, 140mm, 145mm, and 150mm. To see what size you may need, measure where the front of the glasses would be to just behind your ear.

Nose Pads

Finding a pair of glasses with comfortable nose pads is a must. It’s in their name for crying out loud. Pads are meant to be soft and pleasant on your face, not rough and uncomfortable. Plastic pads may end up putting pressure on your nose and lead to a headache and bruises on your skin. Rubber pads are softer and more tender on the skin to make sure you don’t fidget with the glasses.


The most important part of the glasses is its lenses. They are what bring your view into focus after all. Lenses that are polarized help reduce glare from headlights, reflected surfaces, and harsh blue light. Polycarbonate lenses are more impact-resistant and are geared toward anyone who is more physically active. Progressive lenses allow the wearer to see more clearly whether it’s closer or farther away. Prescription glasses are designed for those whose eyesight isn’t at its peak. Doctors are able to build a pair to fit your needs and can even install protective coatings on them. These coatings can be anti-reflective and reduce eye strain from glare, reflections, or the halo effect around lights; scratch-resistant to keep scuff marks and scratches from ruining the lenses; and UV protective, a coating that helps block the sun's rays from hitting your eyes.


How Much is it Going to Cost Me?

Not nearly as much as you might think. Right now, exclusively for this promotion, all of the Hawk Eye lenses are on sale - Some up to 50% off. But, keep in mind, this is only for a limited amount of time. Once the sale is over, they will go back to their regular price. (which is still cheaper than the other glasses you may have seen, but who doesn't love a deal?)

Make sure you get yours while you can, due to recent media attention surrounding Hawk Eye Lenses, these handy little glasses may become impossible to find in the near future.

Where Can I Buy Hawk Eye Anti-Glare Lenses?

You can buy it directly from the company's website by clicking here.

Note: Due to recent media attention the demand for this device has increased significantly, we cannot guarantee inventory at this time.

"Remember, we cannot guarantee inventory at this time due to the demand skyrocketing right now. It's been reported a lot of people are buying multiple devices at once to resell them for a profit."


"I firmly believe Hawk Eyes are responsible for saving my life. Wearing these glasses have make night driving easier and safer. I've gotten pairs for my kids, my grandkids, everyone I know. Because they make seeing at night so much easier. NO MORE GLARE!"

Daniel Davis
Columbus, OH

"These are by far the best glasses on the market. And the best deal for your money. As a truck, I've tried literally dozens. HAWK EYES are the best! I recommend them to anyone and everyone who asks. Plus, they make me less nervous about my 17 year old driving around at night... and my 70 year old dad."

Brian Johnson
Albany, NY




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